Currently, the power on the island comes from a power generator that uses oil. We would like to use renewable sources of energy such as biogas and solar energy to avoid the use of this generator.


Consumption optimisation (study)

We work on reducing the electric consumption. It means studying all equipment that use energy and see if we can set up more economic solutions.

Solar power (study)

This source of energy is relatively cheap and easy to set up, it will be the major source of power to replace the generator.

Biogas (study)

We study a solution to capture the methane form agricultural waste in order to power a biogas stove. This solution has already been experimented in Samoa Island and is relatively simple and cheap. It allows reducing methane emission (a strong greenhouse gas) and is a reliable source of energy.

Wind power (study)

This solution is more expensive than the others. However, we are stuying wind potential on th e island to see if this solution is relevant.

3 wind turbines power an aeroport near Logha