A strong demographic pressure

Today, the Solomon Islands face an environmental and demographic crisis. On the one hand, the nature degradation has become an urgent issue due to reckless deforestation, seabed looting and climate change. On the other hand, the energy and food production cannot meet the demand from a fast-growing population. For twenty years, we witness the deterioration of living standards and the loss of a unique vegetal and wildlife sanctuary.

The corruption and the lack of funds prevent the country from setting up effective solutions to improve the situation. The Solomon Islands still relies upon foreign coutries.


The project : A model island

To address this situation, Dom&Go, a french association, supports a local initiative whose goal is to develop Logha Island in an examplary way.

This small island has a rich vegetal and wildlife heritage: rain forest, magroves, corals, endemic butterflies and birds. Around 40 people live in the island, among them are 5 dominican brothers and sisters.These religious people wish to make this island a laboratory and an example of a development that respects the environment while meeting the energy and food needs. Logha island will also be a place for fauna and flora preservation. The project consists of 4 major parts:


Currently, the power on the island comes from a power generator that uses oil. We would like to use renewable sources of energy such as biogas and solar energy to avoid the use of this generator. Read more


We are trying to experiment and promote relevant agricultural solutions that combine productivity and environmental compliance. Such solutions should remain easy to set up in order to allow replication on the other islands. Read more


The project aims to rebuild a living place for endangered wildlife and floral species. We work on making this island to be a place for biodiversity protection and valuation. Read more


Logha doit avant tout rester un lieu d’accueil et de partage en restant active dans la vie locale. L’île a ainsi vocation à accueillir des écoles, des touristes et des associations de la région dans un objectif d’éducation à l’écologie et de valorisation de la culture locale. Read more


Welcoming and sharing for a real impact among local people

relevant solutions for a sustainable exploitation of natural resources
Rise awareness
among local people concerning environmental issues and value the biodiversity
the species and spaces threatened



équipe locale

Dominican brothers and sisters has started the project

Logha project is led by the Dominican brothers and sisters in partnership with Dom&GO association who sends volunteers and raises funds to support the action.

Each part of the project uses studies promoted by local research center, professional or NGO. The realization of the project is made in close collaboration with the local people. The gathering of all these experiments on a common place will make this island be a reference for the region and help promote ecological solutions in the country.

They help us

Expert advise, funds support, partnership,... they help us to advance the project.

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